Un Ovni tipo esfera fue filmado sobre Alaska - mar 2012

Ovni tipo esfera sobre Alaska (EEUU) - 29 de marzo 2012
El pasado 29 de marzo 2012, tuvo lugar un extraño e interesante avistamiento en el cielo de Alaska (EEUU), la testigo afirma haber visto unas extrañas orbes color naranja en el cielo, aproximadamente a las 05:15 horas, decidió empezar a filmar, mas tarde a eso de las 06:12 horas captó en la distancia a una gran esfera que emitía luces, según comenta el reporte de Mufon, el video fue subido a youtube por el usuario justa4t, y en él se puede ver claramente a un Ovni tipo esfera volar sobre la zona emitiendo luces blancas.

Abajo, el reporte completo de la testigo, en inglés (fuente : Mufon):

"Upon my arrival I parked in the first pull off to the South where we saw the two orange orbs/ufos in the earlier am around 0515. I sat there for a bit and decided to take pictures and videos of the Canadian Geese and Mallard Ducks. 

I took a few pictures and then looked up and saw a very bright white orb/ufo at 0612 in the distance over the island where helicopters and other UFOs have been seen by myself and two other family members over the months. I was very excited to see it especially during the daylight hours. It was so very, very bright and totally awesome! I then started to take videos and pictures of this UFO. 

Observing it through the binoculars revealed it was flat, and had very bright diamond like flashing lights around the edges. It continued hovering and moving slightly inward for about 5 minutes until it appeared to tilt on its side/axis and then winked out. Or so I thought. I then saw it up against the clouds with flashing white lights. It then flew East, with red/white flashing lights and quickly out of sight around the mountain ridge. 

On my way home, I felt really fatigued so upon arriving home 4 miles away I went back to bed and slept in."

Author (source: mufon)

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